Thank you for the time
You gave to my belief,
The space for grief,
And my rabid self indulgence.
You gave me time enough to weave my little net,
And while it cannot trap
Or catch the stuff of which sad dreams
Are made;
Yet it saved me….
Nightmares and dreams found voices
In the scenes that streamed between us.
It all now seems so distant,
Another life,
Not time enough.


3 Comments on “Thanks”

  1. Morf says:

    Yet another brilliant piece my friend!! You are truely gifted!!


  2. ludovicah says:

    Coming from someone as gifted as yourself, that is praise indeed 🙂


  3. ludovicah says:

    These all date from before the turn of the century Nancy, before my major depressive bout. I haven’t written in a long time because all of that put a stop on a lot of the emotional side of life. It was less painful to numb and suppress than to express. I’ve simply had no reason to continue.
    Nonetheless, I do feel a lot of these pieces are very important to me and of enough merit to be seen by others. Reactions to the poems appear to indicate that was a good decision


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