Cyanide Snides

Slide and jive, snide and jibe
Your half-life on this stage
In this clinical theatre of threat and menace
You operate your sugar surgery
Strapping down, in gowns
Your coached conversations
Buckled at the knees you suck
Poached perspiration
This mutual ingestion
Injecting toxins to feed
The Cyanide Snides needs;
Your greed
Open hearts
Affections infected
You’re threading the needle
Making stitches to suit you
Cracked mirrors reflect
Your bitterest pill
And barbed wire sutures

I suppose this is a hymn to all those people who enjoy hurting peoples feelings and putting them down who then turn around to say “it’s for your own good” as if it was their job to make the world better somehow by being as horrible as possible about someone else’s appearance or ability (or lack of) People can only change themselves. They need encouragement not disparagement.


2 Comments on “Cyanide Snides”

  1. Morf says:

    I got some powerful imagery from this one…

    are they really trying to help? or is it more displacement and a way for them to pick themselves up at your expense…?


  2. ludovicah says:

    Ah well… this is the thing isn’t it…? 😀


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