Ghost Town

This place
A place I know so well
Where I am known
Where I now stand
Is strangely hollow to the bone
And full of shades of
Days, now gone
Shadows, dark corners hide
A haemorrhage of friends
Inside dappled deeps
Keeping their secrets in silence
The living have all moved away or on, or back
Where they belong
Yet I stay
A tiny dot, insignificant
Rooted to the spot
I hear them say
“We’ll keep in touch. It’s been great!
Love you very much, Best Mate!”
And smiling for their sakes through all the pain
My choices seem to dwindle
As their voices fade away


7 Comments on “Ghost Town”

  1. epicswife says:

    Wow that is sad – beautiful – but sad! I love how you have linked the ghost town witht he loss of friends, very good comparison!


  2. epicswife says:

    *** with the — sorry !!!


  3. ludovicah says:

    Thanks… I guess its both literal in the sense of people leaving and figurative in the sense of “moving on”


  4. 1markt says:

    It would be nice if people would be wise enough to not think that someone else is not able to see when they are being b.s.ed. by them..The work examines the difficulty in finding comfort with the familiar or being challenged to take on the challenge of new frontiers while stiil of good health and mind. Time does have a diminishing effect to both opportunity and ability. However examination of motive for remaining still if it is of benefit to more than yourself outweighs perhaps the could bes of somewhere else. This piece brings to thought these questions, which is challenging to the mental process. Good work and the langusge and phrasing of the piece is very eloquent. I would like to invite you to, stay a while and if moved to leave a comment.
    Marcus T.


    • ludovicah says:

      Thank you very much for your thoughtful and considered comment. The piece is about freedom, and about constraint; about the shackles that bind us in place, (eg financial or a sense of duty and responsibility, which here is not ascribed to the professed friends who move on, leaving their past and their history and old loyalties behind them)


  5. Morf says:

    WoW… tragically beautiful… a place i have found myself as well


  6. Vikki says:

    This one is great–one that so many people can relate to. I love how you put things: “A haemorrhage of friends”-good stuff!


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