Love and War

At war with myself
And bisected by his love and gentleness
My own hard shell enclosing more
Like Baboushka Dolls, unlovable.
Inspiring alternating passions
Like battling internecine factions
Born to confuse, cajole, enrage
Incandescent with violence and brutality
He betrays me
My oblivious Judas
Exposing love and rage
He cannot lie for me or receive my adoration
Yet lies with me, man, woman
Tough as leather
As I caress and stone to death
His innocence with my feathered kiss
He comes between me inside my bliss
And stones me altogether


2 Comments on “Love and War”

  1. morf says:

    Your words always carry such strong feelings and emotion…!!!

    Often times they leave me speachless…

    Thank you soo much for sharing!!


  2. ludovicah says:

    Its good to have people to share them with 🙂


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