Holding On

You hold my heart in your hand, unheeding
A curio to you, though mine, is thine
Dropping from your slender fingers, bleeding,
A proffered challenge throughout both space and time

Nothing has vanished from this contented life.
Just a shadow, ghostly, fleeting fades
Continuance both of blessings and of strife,
It is an inner shadow blights my days

For I have won the battle, but lost the war
It’s said that nothing good can last forever
A gentle love, transformed from that before
Those wanton silken threads are yours to sever

Yet I through time unchanging, constant be
The choice to touch, or go, was yours alone
Understanding that I long to see
A time at hand when we can be as one

But I must release from all obligation
Your faithless love, but glamour to my eye
Your sharp distance scissors my delusion
A hopeless love bids you a long goodbye


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