The Oubliette

That familiar tight cold knot gripes and shifts
Twisting the aperture just wide enough to fall
Falling into the dark and unforgiving granite
Crashing and splitting open old scars
Like cruel mouths to laugh
As blood pours out onto the flags
Once again
No concession for age or wisdom
Or childish hopeful foolishness
Just yet another blow of many
The lesson still unlearned

You Cannot Provide For Me

Caught between your words
Your meaning bares its teeth
And grimaces triumphantly
“You’ll never get me
You’ll never get close enough to see
Or to feel the things you need
Here in these words
Or this mind
Blinded as you are by lust
And wanting convention”
Yet fascinated by this shadow-show,
I remain transfixed
And grasp its challenge undaunted
Like a fool on a dare
How the odds are stacked against me

Rock Pool

Round and round in your tiny world
Its hard sharp edges defining your resistance
As you choose this cell of safety
For your pruned bonsai existence
You revolve, but not evolve
Miniaturized perfection
Just a freak of your own nature
To justify rejection of the ocean’s
Freedom, danger
Reduced to merely grazing
The meagre miserable weed
It must be time to free you
Too subject to the violence
Of a sudden winter squall

Ophelia Suite

Youth, a tentative beauty
Circling in a whirling trance
Will you, won’t you join my dance?
A social gavotte, elaborate, fleeting
Advancing, retreating
Playing peek-a-boo with inner pain
“I’ll show you yours, if you’ll show me mine”
Time on time, reason in rhyme
“Please don’t leave me again”
To touch? A pleasure too painful to try
To trick, or buy
Glances disdainful, tempting but wasteful
Unorthodox, I want you and hate you
What of the morning after I take you?

You are there, suddenly
Floating on air, walking, talking
And I? Hearing, fearing, loving, loathing
Wanting, needing,
Feeding on your darkness and despair
You bleed secretly, weeping at night, dreaming, screaming
And I? Yearning, burning; scorning warnings
Clawing, pawing, drawing you close to my light

You didn’t have the chance to spurn my love
Or burn my life, my soul, or heart
You are the velvet illusion
Your selfish glamour smiling, beguiling me
With your glittering fatal Art
Poor passionate fool was I
So easy to ensnare
Only you could brew this nectar of darkness and despair
And now my fate is sealed
Another victim soon will yield to lustful pleasure
To Fate, to Sin
A struggling specimen on a pin
To be sucked and fucked and taken in

Jewel Thief

Dark is your heart, your soul is all darkness
Eager to swim in an ocean of bitterness
You cast a long shadow in dim rays of evening
Crushing the butterfly souls of the morning
A Man; too small, too mean too slight
To dare to brave the noon daylight

What made you as you are, Jewel Thief?
How could you let it be?
A life spent without feeling; stealing
The good things that you see
And in the taking, crushing, breaking
The very thing you need

Dark is your soul, your heart is all emptiness
Reluctant to face your own life in darkness
The light of the day is fading, is falling
The sinister shadows are beckoning, calling
A Beast; too small, too mean too slight
To dare to brave the noon daylight

You are the loser, lost in your darkness
Redemption cannot be bought with your time
So, banished be, into your emptiness
There to await some far higher justice
To come at your time of dying

What made you as you are, Jewel Thief?
What happened to your mind?
So strange to set out to destroy
All loveliness you find
And we don’t need your lust or greed
And we abhor your kind