Ophelia Suite

Youth, a tentative beauty
Circling in a whirling trance
Will you, won’t you join my dance?
A social gavotte, elaborate, fleeting
Advancing, retreating
Playing peek-a-boo with inner pain
“I’ll show you yours, if you’ll show me mine”
Time on time, reason in rhyme
“Please don’t leave me again”
To touch? A pleasure too painful to try
To trick, or buy
Glances disdainful, tempting but wasteful
Unorthodox, I want you and hate you
What of the morning after I take you?

You are there, suddenly
Floating on air, walking, talking
And I? Hearing, fearing, loving, loathing
Wanting, needing,
Feeding on your darkness and despair
You bleed secretly, weeping at night, dreaming, screaming
And I? Yearning, burning; scorning warnings
Clawing, pawing, drawing you close to my light

You didn’t have the chance to spurn my love
Or burn my life, my soul, or heart
You are the velvet illusion
Your selfish glamour smiling, beguiling me
With your glittering fatal Art
Poor passionate fool was I
So easy to ensnare
Only you could brew this nectar of darkness and despair
And now my fate is sealed
Another victim soon will yield to lustful pleasure
To Fate, to Sin
A struggling specimen on a pin
To be sucked and fucked and taken in


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