STEPHEN JAY “Go Like This” Live acoustic bare bones version

Stephen Jay performs his anthem “Go Like This” live with acoustic bass and vocal. Track 1 of the album “Sea Never Dry” For more music dates, lyrics, and info, please visit


No longer sleeping, but living on the edge of waking for so long
Seeking out a newer way of life or being to belong
In a world so far away from everything I ever knew
A place to grow, one I never knew I needed or should go
Held back by fear, by fear of fear and fear of falling through
Shouting at myself I need excuses to be calling you
I missed the boat, I missed the plane, the train, I missed the time
Trapped inside a nightmare daydream out of which I cannot climb
Like Tom the Rhymer, tricked, erased from time to time by time
Finds nothing left and less than nothing left to rhyme