Alan Merrill and the New Arrows (Geoff Lea-Guitar, Dave Glover-Bass, Kyle Fenton-Drums) Southampton Talking Heads November 1st 2013

Filmed from a static camera on the lighting rig, this is the whole show, bar the encore

Alan Merrill & the New Arrows. Nov 1 2013. Southampton Talking Heads

1st November

Talking Heads

Portswood Road


Boogiest Band In Town

Touch Too Much

Fooling Myself

Moving Next Door To You

Automatic Pilot

Toughen Up

Miss Cadillac

Walk Away Renee

Feeling This Way

Don’t Worry ‘Bout Love

Heaven n Hell

My Last Night With You

Shake Me

Helium Hag


Always Another Train

Sands Of Time

I Love Rock n Roll

Slow Down