I glimpsed your face

In that moment it betrayed you

And split that mask you wear for the world.

As you blanched with sickness

As you birthed your agony

From the pit of fear within you

I stared, watching you unable

To hold on any more

As your inner joy crumbled

As your sweet dream shattered

In a flurry of snowflake words

Some unspoken,

Here and gone in a moment

Both sweet and bitter

As you had to look glad

As you had to pretend

That you were happy when he told you

And his arm around her shoulder

Younger than his daughter

Your courage and his folly

Cruel comedy of tragedy

He did not see what I saw

You did not see that I saw

As your jawline tightened

As your knuckles whitened

That it mattered it was not you

That he loved.




LAC Hunter 2014