Alan Merrill on NYRocksTV

My very good friend Alan Merrill (The Lead, Godzilla, Vodka Collins, Streak, Arrows, Runner, Derringer, Meat Loaf etc)
talks about his fascinating life in Rock Music since the 1960s.

Posted to You Tube Jul 10, 2014
Host Producer Phil Fiumano interviews Singer Songwriter Alan Merrill

The son of Jazz musicians Aaron Sachs and Helen Merrill, Alan is an American vocalist, guitarist, songwriter, actor and model. In the early 1970s Merrill was the first Westerner to achieve pop star status in Japan.

You can check out more on Alan & where Alan will be performing next @ his website or on Facebook / Alan Merrill


Alan has written and performed many great songs, but is still best known for writing and originating the song I Love Rock’n’Roll one of the biggest selling rock songs in history, on Mickie Most’s RAK Records in 1975 with his group Arrows.

The song “I Love Rock N Roll” has also been recorded and performed by Joan Jett, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus, Dragon Ash, Cee Lo Green, Five, The Family Players, Adam Levine, L’Arc En Ciel, Blake Shelton, Guildo Horn, Johnny Hallyday, Weird Al Yankovic, Alvin Stardust, Hayseed Dixie, The Queen Of Japan, Joe Piscopo, Scum Rats, Rosalia, Love & Fitness, Elephant Love, Nitocris, DJ Niko, Joe Christmas, Jive Bunny and the Party People, Aerolineas Federales, Hit Crew, Ghotti Hook, Friction, Forever Young, Reverend Run, French Connexion, Krisenka Finley, Salome Clausen, Hideaki Matsuoka, Angela Bassett, Showaddywaddy, Griva, Anna Abreu, Kizooks, Arno Diem, Dresden Dolls, Hitboutique, Vodka Collins, Les Enfoires, CJ jr, Mami Kubota, The Countdown Singers, Girl Authority, The Lollies, Russell Brand, Alec Baldwin, Harry Truman’s Outhouse, Mighty McFly, Kathy X, Wild, Hello, The Chickz, Lee Da Hae, Melanie C., L.A. Guns, Juliette Lewis and many more.

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