English Genealogy

It’s here!

I am in business.

I have 35 years experience in genealogy and family history to put at your disposal. I am happy to tackle any challenge. It’s not just about England, I have researched families in many countries which hold English language records, not just those in the UK. My website is at www.englishgenealogy.webs.com, or you can contact me via Facebook at www.facebook.com/EnglishGenealogyWebsCom  just as well . My current charge, as an introductory offer, is £25 p/h which is a very low rate indeed for professional standard research. I am eager to take on new challenges right now. Please share my information as widely as you can in the real world as well as online. I am looking to help all sorts of people find their roots. Maybe people who are too busy and do not have time , or people who are uncomfortable using a computer, perhaps the elderly. If you find someone like that, a telephone number can be provided on request.  Please, dear friends. This will be my sole income henceforth.  Any help you can give me would be deeply appreciated ..



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