Where are my keys?
Which keys? My keys!
On the wall in the office
Which office? Which wall?
Maybe I’ll walk out
Today or tomorrow
Maybe I’ll never walk out anymore

All that I wanted cannot be attained now.
Tomorrow is merely another today.
Maggie, they tell me, phoned up after breakfast
Nice girl, but I cannot remember her name.

They’ve stolen my keys!
Which keys? My keys!
They’ve stolen my mirror, my brush and my comb
Now I have no face, no place and no history
I cannot go back and I cannot go home

Where are my keys?
Which keys? My keys!
I cannot unlock this disease at all
Now that I have been abducted by aliens
I smile at the soup going round in my bowl

Black Dog

Unconditional, despite the blows,
I am but your dog, demanding of your time
Not mute, but short lived,
I chain my neck to your hand
Dragging you into open spaces
Yet, as I look into your eyes,
I still feel small, not really touching your heart,
Not really making things right
You cannot give yourself to this
Novocaine girlfriend, my alien race
But retain this, this time will pass and
You will be alone once more.
Fond, but distant, you observe my
Tricks and follies
With the air of a remote
Indulgent master
Yet I am
Unconditional, despite the blows